My mother died from asthma; my husband died from cancer; my grandchildren have asthma; I have asthma. My family is suffering the consequences from air pollution. SCIG would bring more illnessesĀ andĀ sadness to my family.”
Carmen Rivera


“It’s a shame we are ruining the world with pride, greed and lack of love for each other and our environment. It’s a shame that more people are working against mother earth instead of helping her live stronger!”
Beatriz Reyes


“Our kids’ lungs should not be used to filter toxic air pollution.”
John Cross



“We know when we put our hearts and minds to an important task like this; we can create a new future. Why settle for these polluting, inefficient goods moving systems of the past.”
Evelyn Knight



“I can tell my children to eat your vegetables, drink your milk, take your vitamins to stay healthy, but I can’t tell them to stop breathing because the air is bad.”
Elena Rodriguez


“I don’t want my family to suffer the negative health impacts because of the SCIG project”
Sofia Carrillo